Standard Room


Double sea view rooms & double garden view

The sun comes from everywhere in the stylish rooms of the Akrogiali . Each with its own color, its own style and its own view, mourns cleanliness, hospitality and comfort. The view from the balconies is magnificent. Sea and mountain, blue and green, which in a masterful way embroider harmony and thrills the senses.

All rooms have air conditioning and TV in case you want to know what’s happening in the world outside of your little paradise. Akrogiali rooms are located a few meters from the beach ideal for enjoying your diving and relaxing on the sun loungers while enjoying your coffee, juice or refreshing drink at Café-Snack Sunrise.

Breakfast in the Garden

One of the greatest delights during your stay at the Akrogiali is the breakfast in the garden. Mom’s family will prepare hot coffee for you. homemade pies, fermented bread, handmade homemade jam and unique sweets that you certainly have not tried again! You will also find fresh fruits and delicious scrambled eggs! We take care of your breakfast to have a strong scent of Greece, always choosing pure ingredients of high quality.

These amazing flavors and aromas can be enjoyed in our little garden or “little paradise” as many visitors call it. It is a unique feeling to wake up in the morning in such a tranquil environment and just before another sweeter day begins to hook all the senses. Most of all, the taste and smell with such a great breakfast! If you want to have it in your room again! Just ask us for it! Above all, however, our family will be there to offer you these flavors always with love and smile either to choose the garden or your room.

Superior Room


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